Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Diggin Place: Hat WRKS Nashville, TN

"Saying you don't look good in a hat is like saying you don't look good in shoes!"  --Unknown

Everyone can wear hats, you just have to find the styles that work for you!  I am a huge fan of a nice hat.  I have collected various styles and colors over the years.  They can make an ordinary outfit, extraordinary.  

I was driving around the 12th south area the other day and drove past the shop and slammed on my breaks.  I was so excited to come up on this gem of a store.  Just stepping into the store and watching, Gigi, working on her current project is so interesting!  You can't help but watch in awe.  Walking around the store, I couldn't help but look at every style and wonder, "where can I wear this one... or this one."     

Gigi Gaskins of Hat WRKS is bringing back the art of millinery.  She offers original and custom style hats for men and women.  Other labels are available along with her designs. 

There is definitely something for everyone!  She has styles from casual to formal and vintage to new.  The prices range from $25 to $400. 

Also, available is re-banding and repair to your own hats.

2227 10th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37204
Open most days from 10-6pm, though subject to change.
Can call for appointments!

Also, check out an article on Gigi and Hat Works in a future issue of Nashville Arts magazine

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