Friday, January 31, 2014

Dining Room Renovation

The Before:

The After:

The dining room was one of the first rooms to be finished.  Other then paint and decor, there isn't much else we did.  But it's amazing how much those change a room.  For some reason, the Man Friend and I wanted a huge, wood farm table.  This one with the extensions attached measures out to 9 feet!  I guess we want to have lots of dinner parties!  We did host this last Thanksgiving so it got broken in.  

I don't like having all my chairs matching.  So I purchased the wood ones separate and recovered them with burlap coffee sacks from my favorite coffee shop: Crema.  Every one came from a different region and had so many different patterns and colors.  Another way of recycling and very cost effective.  I think the total cost to recover was $15! 

Then, we bought these two head chairs off of Craigslist.  I just loved the mix of leather and wood.  And how it mixes feminine and masculine features.  Oh, and that column in the corner I nabbed at a 'Junkin' store for $50, they are selling at higher-end antique stores for $300 plus.  Score!  

Next, I reused a mirror and old stereo cabinet I had at my last home.  The mirror I found super on clearance (like $50 from $500) because one the pieces off the frame was broken off.  I noticed this cool design under the top layer of frame. So, I bought it and took a flat-head screwdriver and hammer and chipped off multiple places.  I love the outcome.  
This old cabinet is being used as our bar area.  I remove the insides to where I now have extra storage inside.  Also, it's a great place to hide the IDock and still get the sound to project throughout the room during parties!  

One of my favorite thing about this house was the antique chandeliers.  I have an obsession with chandeliers and must have at least on in every home.  

Here is the table top decor on the table right now.  I tried to come up with a theme that goes with every season, so I don't have to change it all the time.  During Oct. and Nov. I added little white pumpkins.  

I really love how this room turned out!  We were able to use recycled and all natural materials, which is really important to me.  Even better, we were able to do it with such a low budget!!  
You can definitely have a dramatic room with little cost; you just have to dig! 


  1. Not only are you a great personal stylist or home decor/interieur skills are super freaking amazing. I love how you make recycled items look so good, they blend in perfectly. I love your new kitchen, it has such a warm welcome touch to it :-)


    1. Awe thanks friend! That means a lot. It was fun playing around with home stuff!

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